Why isn't the Apple Passbook standard for ticket distribution?

The Apple Passbook application was here long before we realized our Cool Ticket. With this application you combine and store coupons, vouchers to restaurants and cafes, airline tickets, tickets to the theater or a concert all at one place. In addition, all complemented by smart features such as notification that the gate at the airport was open and you can check-in.
From the perspective of cinema, music or sports facilities, the question is why this principle is not massively expanded and standardized as a delivery system for international ticketing companies? Again we come across the bar codes. Here however in particular displaying the bar code on the mobile phone display. I quote from our patent pending applications:
"Existing mobile devices are not designed to display bar-code or QR code scanning and high-quality imaging preventing glare screen and  protective foil of mobile device. Checking electronic tickets with this method is not as effective and stable as traditional paper check tickets with the counterfoil."
These are the common facts which confirmed several multinational ticketing company. So how to read a bar code? Ideally from paper. Eventually, using special readers which first illuminate your phone to eliminate glare. I'm not saying that the bar code can not be read from the phone's display. It's just sometimes it will take a few seconds and sometimes you have to rewrite the reader code manually if it fails. This inefficiency can be accepted in the cafeteria or on the plane, where only few tickets per flight apply, but not for cultural events where there are tens of people in-line. Therefore, we were puzzled over few months on how to eliminate bar codes and transmit the established process of traditional paper tickets directly to your phone. Once the ticket is stored in our application Cool Ticket, there is no problem at the entrance to the event. Just two clicks on the phone display and its done.


I recently received the following message from the executive agencies Alfedus.com. Such reference accelerate our desire to work even more:
"Dear Zdenek, 
The tour is succesfully behind us. Regarding Cool Ticket we have perfect feedback from people and promoters and visitors - simple, poignant, never any problems. Planned integration with Facebook is really a groundbreaking idea and it could spur the pre-sales, keep it up ... Next year spring we preparing a tour under the heading of BUXTON (Czech manufacturer of headphones), we started to cooperate with other promoters and we want, through our conditions and delivery of both paper and electronic tickets (your Cool Ticket,) to compete with big ticket providers. 
Meanwhile, thanks and we'll be in touch. Jarda "

  • Why isn't the Apple Passbook standard for ticket distribution?

Published 17.01.2014


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